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WineClubReviews.com is committed to diagnosing what makes a wine club great. We judge wine clubs on price, quantity, type, and frequency of the wine club. Our team of writers LOVES wine and anything to do with wine. Writing this blog is kind of like a dream come true for most of us. We hope the information provided through our website helps you learn a little more about wine and wine clubs!

Wine Club Origin

The origin of monthly wine clubs began with a man named Paul Kalemkiarian, Sr., who claims to be the first to send wine through the mail. He owned a liquor store back in 1972 in California. He designated some wine as monthly selections, and people soon requested to have these bottles delivered. This process eventually turned into the Wine of the Month Club which is still active today and run by Paul Kalemkiarian, Jr.


How do Wine Clubs work?

Some wine clubs source the wine directly from wineries, picking out the best options or best deals. These wine clubs will often reflect the prices from the individual wineries.

Other clubs will source their wine directly from multiple wineries then relabel them to reflect their own brand. This system works out because the wineries are able to sell their excess wine, and these wine clubs are able to sell high quality wine at a lower price point. Wineries have larger excesses of wine due to the down economy starting in 2007. Consumers and less money to spend on luxury goods.


What is the best temperature for serving wine?

-Red wines are best consumed at 65 degrees (F)
-White and Rosé wines are best 55 at degrees (F)
-Champagne and other bubbly wines are best at 45 degrees (F)

How long can I store wine?

Most wine (90%) is meant to be consumed within two years. Most people tend to hold onto wine too long as opposed to not waiting long enough uncork a bottle.

Can I keep leftover wine?

Leftover wine can be stored. The less oxygen in the storage container the better. As wine oxidizes it will go bad rather swiftly. A good storage container would be a 350mL wine bottle. The leftover wine is best use before being stored for a week.

Why are some wines named by their region and others named by their grape type?

This confusion happens because every country has different ways of labeling their wines. European wines will usually be titled based on region and wines from the Americas will often be labeled by the grape varietal