WINC Wine Club Review

Wine Club Quick Info


  • Quality wines
  • Can mix whites and reds
  • Palate profile matcher

How Often & How Much

During you first month with WINC they will send you 4 bottles of wine.  After that, you will receive 3 bottles each month.


The price ranges from $13 – $70 / bottle and

Wine Choices

You can mix and match you white and red wines selections and change it up each month.

Ships To

WINC will ship to all states except the following: AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MS, OK, RI, SD, UT

Wine clubs are very in-style right now. More and more companies are offering exceptional quality wines at great prices in a membership style type of marketplace. You love wine, don’t you? WINC, formerly Club W has your back on this one. WINC wine club is one of those companies on the cutting edge of offering amazing wines at decent prices so that drinking wine doesn’t have to be a special occasion only event, if you like high quality wines of all different types and varietals. And really who at this point doesn’t? Wine is such a popular event that it’s easily surpassed beer in popularity. Keep in mind the company emphasizes that they work with quality over quantity as one of their driving mission statements for the company.

Plus, they also ship out extraordinary gifts so that if you need an anniversary present, housewarming, or other holiday occasion gift, WINC will send it in style. The gift concierge can put together a package of wine for an individual giftee, or they also do larger corporate gift orders if that’s what you need to treat a group of your best clients. They mix food and wine with other gift items like wine glasses and popcorn. If there is something you would like included a simple note to customer service will allow the gift concierge to best serve your needs when it comes to gifting and the website.

WINC was created in 2012 by two gentleman who just loved wine, simple as that. Now they curate over 100 bottles at any given time. You can select your bottles, have them shipped right to your door, and then rate each selection, if you want to so, that their sommeliers know the best loved wines to curate in the future. They have a bit of everything from rare blends to classics and everything in between. You’ll also be ready to discover some excellent wines that you are going to want to share with family and friends. Or maybe a Wednesday night bottle all to yourself. Wink. Wink. Brian Smith is the head of the company and with an unending love of wine you’re sure to figure out the wines you are going to want to have on hand in your home all of the time. Get ready to be surprised and delighted by everything WINC wine club has to offer.

Ratings Chart

The ratings chart is an aspect of WINC that helps separate average wines from the exceptional ones. Plus, it’s really fun and helpful to rate each wine so the wine sommeliers have a better understanding of what their clientele enjoys. The rating range from, “I didn’t really like it” to something along the lines of “this is the greatest wine I have ever had!” Being able to rate what you have consumed gives you the power to influence the types of wines offered on the site. It’s a great concept that not enough wine clubs actually utilize to figure out what their key demographic enjoys. Don’t forget to complete this step because it can weed out average bottles that don’t need to be on the site anymore.

What Stands Out On The WINC Site

They start with a “Palate Profile” so they can better understand the types of wine you like. So whether, you are a merlot, chardonnay, malbec, or pinot noir fan the quiz they send you will allow them to pinpoint flavors you enjoy when it comes to your taste buds and wine. This can allow the curation team to really zero in on what you will truly enjoy in each bottle they select for you. If you are curious, take the quiz yourself. The quiz asks things like:

What kind of coffee do you prefer?

How much do you use salt?

Do you enjoy citrus flavors?

Are earthy flavors like mushrooms and black truffles something you enjoy?

Do you like berries of all kinds?

The quiz also asks a general idea of the price point of wine you usually purchase. This way they can single out affordable bottles where you are comfortable spending in the $15, $20, or $25 and above range.

Then the website will make specific recommendations on what you should order when you place it with them. Prices in general start at about $13 per bottle of wine.

Wine Choices

When WINC makes the recommendations, you can select a box that contains red, white or both types of wine. It really does cater to your specific wine drinking needs. They also offer around $20 off per your first order. The selections when I did a test box of this came up with a great mix of red and white that I would enjoy. There was a chardonnay, a cabernet, an angelico, and a sauvignon blanc. They also did little mini descriptions by each recommended bottle, so if there was one in the mix that you don’t think you would enjoy you can have them replace it with another no problem. The best part of WINC is that they love wine and they want you to love each bottle you get too.


The prices vary per bottle but you are getting a “member-price.” For the four bottles I looked at, the prices ranged from $20 to $29. A great value for four exceptional wines that the winemakers have actually tried themselves. They aren’t just blinding boxing up random wines for you. You’ll easily be able to tell the difference when you receive your first box of wine. There are also WINC wine club coupons available at different times of the year for extra savings.

How Often

This is how the shipping works. It’s considered a monthly club, so you can order one box per month. Keep in mind they don’t ship to PO Boxes and there are a few states by law that they cannot ship to. Those include: Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Kentucky, Missouri, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah. Plus, an adult of 21 or older must sign for the shipment.

Some Quick Information:

  • Deals/Discounts: $20 off your first order. Plus, they have promos at different times when you can get extra money off your order.
  • Customer Service: The customer service is exceptional. They truly go out of their way to make sure you are completely happy with each box of wine you order. If you don’t like something they will replace it for you.
  • Convenience: Right to your door.
  • Personalization: Their gift service can customize specialized gifts for you including food and wine packages wrapped with care.
  • What you get with your shipment (i.e. wine info cards, etc.): They do send out little wine card descriptions with each bottle so that you can learn a little bit more about what you are drinking.
  • How they pick their wines: With love and care! Brian and his team are expect sommeliers and wine lovers so they take the time to specially curate each bottle that goes onto the membership only website.


Claire from NYC: I adore getting wine from WINC. It’s truly allowed me to have a great selection of wine on hand to share with my friends and book club family. The service is top-notch and the different varieties I am able to try have me excited to receive a new box each month. Thank you WINC wine club

Bob from Atlanta: Wine always seems so complicated. I like how simple the WINC site is to use. I’ve been able to impress quite a few clients in my business with bottles I’ve had recommended for me from the site. And I don’t have to wander the isles of the wine store clueless anymore.

Gerry from Chicago: I love having all different types of wine on hand to unwind after a long hard day. The variety WINC sends me gives me something to look forward to each month. I haven’t had a bad box of wine yet. The bottles never disappoint.

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