90+ Cellars Wine Club Review

90+ Cellars Wine Club takes a unique approach to the traditional wine club. This 90+ Cellars team members love wine, and they travel to hundreds of wineries to choose the wine for their club. Their approach is simple, and it win/win for consumers and wineries alike. The 90+ Cellars Wine Club team visits wineries with the goal of buying their excess wine, and then relabeling it with the 90+ Cellars branding.


90+ Cellars Wine Club Review
Highlights90 Plus Rated Wines, Rosé Summer Wine Club, and Mixed Red and White Club
How Much/Often3, 6, or 12 bottles quarterly
PriceThe price ranges from $50 to $180
Wine ChoicesRed, White, Mix, Rosé and Sparkling
Ships toShipping available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Why would a winery agree to this proposal? During the recession that began in 2009, some wineries wouldn’t be able to sell all of their bottles. Wine is a luxury good, and people no longer had extra money to spend on wine. The 90+ Cellars Wine Club offered a solution. Wineries can now sell their excess wine, and consumers can buy top shelf wine at a lower price point.

The 90+ Cellars Wine Club boasts a portfolio of great wines from all over the world. Their creative approach to sourcing and relabeling wines provides consumers with ultimate wine club subscription or gift. This wine club doesn’t disclose the winery that produced the bottle, but they do include the region and year. Some people are keen to know who produced the wine, but I would argue the 90+ Cellars Wine Club is for the less informed consumer just looking for a great bottle of wine or three.

The 90+ Cellars Rosé Summer Wine Club

The Rosé Wine Club is the most unique club option that 90+ Cellars offers. It is only offered during the summer months (May, June, July and August). This club is offered in 3 Bottle and a 6 Bottle option. I didn’t try this option, but it would be great for a summer party or any get together with friends or family. In the winter, they offer a sparkling wine club.

What Stands Out on the 90+ Cellars Site

The 90+ Cellars Wine Club Site is beautifully designed, and easy to navigate. They are straightforward with their prices. 90+ Cellars isn’t a one trick pony. They offer more than just your usual wine club. All of the bottles included in the wine clubs are also available to be purchased al a carte. They run various sweepstakes throughout the year along with putting on wine related events. They have several contacts listed on their website, and their customer service team has been really responsive. The 90+ Cellars Wine Club website doesn’t include a tasting quiz like some other wine clubs on this site. Instead of trying to match your “tastes”, they make sure to source the best wines from around the world, and they curate their wine clubs to show off those wines.

Here are some wines you could expect in a shipment:

Prosecco from Veneto, Italy: Smells of fresh peaches with hints of ginger and lilac. Very bubbly, with a burst of fresh citrus. Great for food pairings and any kind of get together.

Big Red Blend from Lodi, California: fantastic aromas of cassis, blackberry and plum with hints of vanilla and cedar. A full-bodied wine for fans of fruit and California red blends

Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, California: From one of the most famous wine regions of California, this Cabernet is sure to impress. It gives off aromas of black currant and mocha. It is full-bodied wine with a smooth cherry finish.

Wine Choices

Some wine clubs offer the customer the ability to choose some wines for their wine club. The 90+ Cellars Wine Club team is full of wine professionals, and they curate every wine club with the best new wines they’ve sourced from around the globe. They also have the option for a rosé wine club in the summertime, and a sparkling wine club for the winter. We tried the 3-bottle club with Mixed Red and White wines. They also have a mixed Red and White club with 6 and 12 bottles, and they have a couple of red only clubs (6 and 12 bottles). 90+ Cellars Wine Club offers all their bottles for everyday purchase making it a little different from other clubs. They organize those wines by lot numbers to signify the winery at which it was produced.

90+ Cellars Wine Club Pricing

The 90+ Cellars Wine Club always ships on a quarterly basis. It is available in three different bottle amounts: 3, 6 or 12. The 3-bottle Club is a mix of red and white wines, and it costs $50 per shipment. The 6-bottle club can be mixed red and white wine or only reds. The cost of either option is $95 per shipment. The 12-bottle club can also be mixed red and white wine or only reds. The cost for both options is $180 per shipment. There are also 90+ Cellars wine club coupons available at different times of the year for extra savings.

How Often

The 90+ Cellars Wine Club is a quarterly wine shipment for their normal club subscriptions. However, 90+ Cellars also offers a rosé summer wine club, and a sparkling wine club in the winter. Both of these options ship on a monthly basis during their season. While the 90+ Cellars Wine Club does not ship as often as others, it does however always include a variety of delicious, unique wines.

Quick Info

-Deals/Discounts: 15% off Site Wide
-They have an excellent customer service team. They are very helpful and knowledgeable about wine.
– Members receive free shipping on all wine club shipments
– Members receive a 15% discount on all additional purchases in the shop
– Each Shipment also includes a booklet with handy information about the wines you are receiving including: background information, tasting information, and some informative wine tasting terms


-Rachel from Boston: “I grabbed a bottle of your rosè for a last minute bbq at a friends house. It was my first time having it. It was fantastic! So delicious and sweet. YUM! I’ll be going back to get more for my Home stash for sure!”

-Anna from Georgia: “As always, this quarterly wine shipment was just fabulous. I loved the mix of reds and whites that were selected for us; a nice mix that we will be enjoying with various dinners over the next few months! Thanks for everything!”

90+ Cellars Wine Club Coupons

Check out all of the best deals and discounts for the 90+ Cellars Wine Club: Here. We scour the web to find the best available coupons!

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