Blue Apron Wine Club Review

BlueApron Wine Club Review


This is a great option for pairing high-quality wine with beautifully prepared meals that you don’t have to think about!

Blue Apron Wine Club has chosen to use a 500 mL wines (2⁄3 of a standard-sized wine bottle)  that is designed perfectly for sharing and pairing with the meals prepared in your Blue Apron meal box. Now, not only will you have wine that’s been paired with your meal, you won’t have to worry about the end of the bottle going bad before you can finish it.

How Much/How Often 6 bottles every month. You can choose to skip a month or cancel at any time.
Price $65.99 per month, this translates as $10 per bottle plus shipping
Wine Choice Wines offered include all Red, all White or a mixed box.
Shipping Info Shipping is included in the $65.99 price per month. An adult 21 or over must be present to receive your     shipment. They give the option of scheduling your delivery on a specific day (to assure an adult will be present), or planning for an evening delivery when you know you’ll be home.


Home life for busy people is becoming simplified every day. With the help of companies who will deliver goods directly to our doors with the push of a button, we don’t have to miss a step, an appointment or a sports pick up. The more recent addition of meal preparations delivered with fresh ingredients has raised the bar that much higher and taken yet one more thing off of our busy plates, pun definitely intended!

With simple values of: We win together, not alone. We start from “yes”. We seek growth and learning, not perfection. We operate with integrity. We are accountable. Blue Apron is one of these companies. Blue Apron in general, offers some really great, highly rated products. The addition of their Wine Club has really been a huge plus to push them ahead in their market. In addition to their prepared meal options, you can shop for wine and cheese, holiday essentials, a single wine delivery in reds, whites or a mix of their “all star” wines. You can also find pantry items like wonderfully blended spices for different meal preparations, coffee, fancy salts and peppercorns, along with a long list of gourmet kitchen tools. Shop for all of your kitchen essentials like high end knives, nonstick or stainless steel cookware, cook books and don’t forget their signature blue apron.

In addition to all of these offerings, Blue Apron has added a monthly Wine Club. Blue Apron Wine Club is able to offer high quality wines at the low price of $10 by cutting out the bottler, wholesaler and retailer. Their wines come direct from their own vineyard thus eliminating the middle-man. Each delivery comes with tasting notes, flavor profiles and the story behind each wine included. This is especially helpful for those new to wine, or new to pairing their wines with meals or cheeses. And each wine has been especially chosen to pair perfectly with their monthly meal options.

As has become standard with these Wine Club additions to other subscriptions, such as meal plans, the Blue Apron Wine Club is simplistic in form. They don’t offer too many pairing or shipping options, the standard 6 bottles a month is the only choice. However, I think you’d agree that having the combination of food and wine all on one site can be a huge bonus. Broadening our understanding of wine and food pairing is a great education for the wine loving world we now live in. Learn about different wines, read blog posts, articles from popular chefs as well as food safety tips all in one place.


Box Options

Choose a different box monthly if you’d like. 6 bottles are included in each shipment in your choice of all red, all white or a mixture of the two.

Gift Options

Blue Apron offers gift certificates


“We started getting Blue Apron because we lived too far away from a grocery store to get groceries and wine frequently and this was cutting into our delivery bill substantially. The sign-up process is super easy, and selecting your meals is a breeze and the monthly wine selections are wonderfully paired with many different meals. I have and would recommend Blue Apron meals and Wine Club to my friends and family. I love trying new foods and wines, the bonus of being able to pair them together and have them delivered to your door has been amazing for us.”
Charles, IL

“We’ve been receiving Blue Apron Meals and Wines for about 6 months. We’ve tried many different meals and have been able to pair different wines with them perfectly. Whenever there is something wrong they are good about correcting the problem. I will definitely continue the wine club, even if I don’t always need the meals. It has been great to have high quality wines on hand for parties and having friends over on the fly.”
James, NY

“Meals very well done and thought out with wines that have arrived monthly to pair with them perfectly, we have really enjoyed Blue Apron. They send great quality ingredients and the right amount of unusual items to pique my interest. Plenty of variation in the menus and wines have been great for my picky husband, who tends to be somewhat of a wine snob. I recommend trying this out!”
Vicky, GA

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