Bright Cellars Club Review

BrightCellars Club Review

Highlights Bright Cellars has a great profile matching algorithm to match your actual tastes to your bottle of wine. They ask questions like, “What is your favorite chocolate?”, “How do you drink your tea?” and “What’s your go to drink when you’re out of wine?” They also ask in what settings you prefer to drink your wine.
How Much/How Often You have the option to order 4 bottles monthly.
Price The subscription fee is $80 per month
Wine Choice You can choose red only, white only, mainly white but surprise me with a fun red, mainly red but surprise me with a fun white or give me my best matches, red or white.
Shipping Info Customers have the option to postpone, skip or cancel their orders before their monthly shipment is processed. They are also allowed to spread out their shipment every 2 or 3 months whichever is most convenient for them. Someone who is at least 21 years of age must be present to sign for all shipments.

UPS and FedEx handles all Bright Cellar shipments. Couriers will make up to three attempts to deliver the package to the client. Customers will be charged a $25 non-refundable fee for undelivered packages.


Founded in 2015 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Bright Cellars is a personalized wine subscription startup that delivers wine to customers based on the palate quiz they take and the pairing algorithm, created by their two MIT grad co-founders. The wine-matching algorithm is powered by fancy formulas and complex mathematics. But behind all that math sits a Bright Cellars’ team who knows a lot about wine to help their members.

The Bright Cellars concept and subscription process is very simple, however, their website is anything but. They’ve taken great care to provide insight and education to anyone from novice folks who are wanting to learn a bit more about wine, to the very educated wine connoisseur. We thought you might enjoy a few snippets here:

  • #Winesday posts introduce a different wine varietal each week. Within these #Winesday posts you’ll read about the background and history of the wine, the region where the grapes are grown and some interesting facts about each. 
  • Spotlight is another interesting section of posts. The titles within this area include things like, “How to repurpose your wine bottles”, “Proper Wine Tasting Order: The Breakdown” and  “Wine and Wings: A Pairing Guide”.
  • Under their “Uncorked” tab, you’ll find Art and Design with titles such as, “I used wine as a fabric dye and here’s what happened”. Simple articles with interesting ideas and facts.
  • Newsletter – If you’d like to continue your wine education daily, you can sign up to receive their daily newsletter. Sign up for a daily dose of wine knowledge covering everything from the trendiest wine cocktail recipes to the best pairing combinations.
  • Wine Word of the Day– If you need to brush up on your wine terms or know nothing about wine and need to sound smart at your next party, visit this section! They’ve taken great care to be punny and interesting so that maybe you’ll remember the correct term with its definition. Two of our favorites were: Balance: Much like everyone’s favorite boy band, a wine is considered balanced when all of its characteristics are in sync. Acidity is balanced by sweetness, fruit flavors are balanced against oak, earth, and tannin, etc.” and “Bouquet: You won’t have to battle the other bridesmaids to catch this one. A bouquet in the wine world refers to the various complex aromas you can smell when swirling your glass.”

Gift Options

Continuing the thread along with their punny blog posts, Bright Cellars has a product line Brand Shop. T-shirts with sayings like, “Carpe Vinum”, “Hakuna Moscato”, and “Sip Happens”. In addition, there are branded slate coasters and cheese boards.

You can also gift someone a delivery from Bright Cellars. Rather than choose it yourself and risk your recipient not loving what you send, you purchase a gift card through the site and your recipient  receives an email that leads them through the palate quiz so that they can be paired with the perfect bottles to their own taste.



According to Google Reviews, Bright Cellars Wine Club is highly regarded with 4.7 stars and over 700 reviews! See what people are saying about Bright Cellars!

“I’ve enjoyed the wines I’ve gotten from Bright Cellars. They match my preferences of white, red, or both. I like experiencing different types of wine so this has been a great experience. The website is user-friendly. Every month is like Christmas!”
Jamie Johnson
“It’s true, I love wine, but let me just tell you, I love this wine company just as much. They are so easy to work with. A wine concierge sent me an email after just 2 shipments and presented me with a special offer and I bit thinking it was a great deal. The shipment went missing and I was worried about my 12 bottles of wine and what might have happened to them. I contacted the same concierge by email and she helped me instantly and then followed up. This kind of customer service is just impossible to find anymore. They have been great! AND, the best part is the wine is amazingly good. I have not been disappointed yet. If you’re thinking of trying this service, GO FOR IT! You really have nothing to lose.”
Karen Kornwell
“I love wine so when I heard about Bright Cellars while listening to Crime Junkie Podcast, I HAD TO give it a try. I was a little confused at first & had some questions and I wasn’t getting an email back from anyone. Then, I finally got an email from Katie & she helped me out and got my problem resolved quickly! I can’t wait to get my first order! I’m always down to try new wines!”
Jasmine Moffett

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