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The folks over at Firstleaf Wine Club are on a mission to change the way wine clubs work and have a positive effect on the future of the wine industry. It’s refreshing to see a team of wine experts, scientists, and wine lovers working together to create the first wine club that tailors its wine choices to what each member prefers, or as they call it, a “customer-centric wine club.” We are fans of this idea and like that it lets us discover new wines based on our flavor profile we supplied when we signed up.

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Firstleaf Wine Club
HighlightsCustomer Centric Wine Club, High Quality wine winning 200+ Awards, and they use your feedback to improve shipments.
How Often & How MuchThe 6 bottle wine club can be set to arrive on a 1 Month, 2 Month or 3 Month Basis. They are very flexible about updating delivery times and dates
PriceThis monthly wine club costs $79.95 + $9.95 for 6 bottles of wine
Wine ChoicesThe wine club contains a mix of red and white wines
Ships ToShipping available in: AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, MT, ND, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, and WY

A thing that really got our attention was that the team at Firstleaf Wine Club uses our opinions of the wines and other customer feedback to work with winemakers to develop new wines based on what we liked best about the wines we tried. Add in the fact that the Firstleaf Wine Club offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it’s a win-win for members! Sounds like that “customer-centric wine club” style is a good idea…works for us!

Wine Choices

We thought Firstleaf Wine Club offered a good variety of wines from all over the world. Our choices ranged from US wines from Napa Valley and Sonoma to far away regions like Argentina and Australia. The wine options in the Firstleaf Wine Club were of good quality and have won hundreds of awards in industry competitions. What’s cool is that this wine club not only offers these winning wines for home delivery, but they also have a team of wine pros that are always looking for new and exciting deals to share with us members. It’s like having our own personal sommelier…and we are good with that!

What Stands Out – Examples of Wine

We enjoyed the wine choices sent in our shipment from Firstleaf Wine Club and are excited to see what type of wine they will send us in our next delivery. Here are some examples of the wines members can expect to receive with their monthly wine club delivery. We thought ours was a great selection of different wines and everyone was thrilled!

  • Hawthorne Grove Winery – Hawthorne Grove Winery has won numerous awards and medals, including a double gold medal the title of 2016 Monterey County Winery of the Year – all based on their first four wine releases, which we found pretty impressive! We were lucky to get a bottle of the California Merlot and it was divine. We can’t wait to try more from Hawthorne Grove Winery in our next wine club shipments.
  • Avistelle Pinot Gris – An all-time member favorite at the Firstleaf Wine Club, the Avistelle Pinot Gris has notes of peach, guava, and melon and is one of the best white wines we’ve ever had from a wine club. This award winner by California winemaker Joe Otos also has great body and a hint of spring citrus flowers. A great wine for day and afternoon pairings.
  • Paso Del Tiempo – Wow is the best way to describe the bottle of Paso Del Tiempo we received from the wine club! This jewel is like no other and was even rewarded the Double Gold Medal as well as Best of Class and Best Red. We love this wine and consider it a must in our next shipment.

Wine Club Pricing

We found the price of the Firstleaf Wine Club to be competitive and fairly similar to other wine of the month clubs at this price point, but we also found the wine at Firstleaf to be considerably better. The selection of wine appealed to us much more than comparable wine clubs and local grocery stores, as these wines offered better regions and grape varieties. Members can also use First Leaf Wine Club coupons, which makes the cost even more incredible!

Add in their guarantee you will love it, convenience of quick home delivery, personal preferences for shipments, and outstanding customer service, and we are sold! The cost per delivery for six (6) bottles of wine is $79.95 + $9.95 shipping. A steal in our opinion!

FirstLeaf Wine Club Coupons

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How Club Shipments Work

We loved how quick and easy it is to join the Firstleaf Wine Club. We answered a few short and fun questions to give the experts our preferences and what type of wines we typically like, chose a delivery schedule, and we had our first shipment from the Firstleaf Wine Club within a week! We like that we can have the wines shipped directly to us when we want them. We choose how frequently we want the wine delivered and can change frequency as needed.

First Shipment – We got our first delivery from the Firstleaf Wine Club within a week of ordering and were pleased with the packaging of our order. We were told that the wines were chosen for us based on the questions we answered during sign up. Our first box came with three bottles and tasting cards that let you make notes and comments to share with the Firstleaf team so they can tweak the next shipment to our liking. We loved this idea and thought it was fun to drink the wine and rate it!

Monthly Shipment – Every Firstleaf shipment contains six (6) bottles of wine. Since Firstleaf customizes each shipment personally for each customer (we love this!) you can change any bottle that is in your box for another anytime before it ships. Can’t wait to see what our next personalized wine delivery has in it!

Frequency of Deliveries and Shipping Info – We love the convenience and quick shipping the Firstleaf Wine Club offers with home delivery! We get our favorite wines delivered right to our door as often as we want! The first delivery from Firstleaf Wine Club automatically sets your delivery schedule for a wine delivery one month later, but you can easily change that if it is too soon…or not soon enough! We love that you can update your delivery schedule online anytime to whatever works best for you. This works well for those who travel or work out of town and might not be home when the Firstleaf Wine Club shipment was originally scheduled to arrive. Simply log into your account online and choose your new delivery schedule under Wine Preferences. Shipments can be set to arrive every month, two (2) months, or three (3) months, depending on your preference. Also, please remember that since it’s alcohol, there does have to be someone age 21 or over to sign for the package, per the law.

Wine Quality – Since the team at Firstleaf Wine Club focuses on pleasing every member, this means we have so many choices and a wide variety of high-quality wines including Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Sirah, and Zinfandel. Also notable is that Firstleaf Wine Club wines have won over 300 industry awards and their team of experts is always searching for the best new wines available.
Rating System: Firstleaf Wine Club uses the ratings from customers to customize every shipment to their distinct tastes. Be sure to use the enclosed tasting cards to rate each of the wines you drink and give comments so Firstleaf Wine Club can use this feedback to make your next delivery is even better than the last!

What Folks Are Saying About Firstleaf Wine Club:

-“Just opened my first of three bottles. I’m very impressed! I’ll be ordering again!” ~ Brad Kelly‎

-“So far, I’m in love! Wine at my door. Any chance you’ll be developing an app for rating the wines? Perhaps letting customers view other ratings as well to help choose their next shipment. This is the only issue I could see long-term for myself. We millennials love our apps!” ~ Emily Daly

-“Fellow winos! I joined this wine club a year ago and they have introduced me to so much new #wine! They ship right to your door and it’s a really great value. If you love wine and want knowledgeable people to pick and send wines that you’ll love you have to try Firstleaf.” ~ Benjamin Gleason

-“My first order. LOVE that the order included tasting cards and a section to add your personal tasting notes. Thanks to my friend for informing me about this wine club!” ~ Diane Kus-Lange

-“We have been members since December 2017. Last night I enjoyed a bottle of 2013 Harmonic Bridge Heirloom Red.” ~ Dan Turk

“So, I’ve gotten my 2nd box…thinking there is no way they are going to knock it outta the park a 2nd time…I mean there are 6 bottles, there’s gotta at least one bottle I’m not gonna love heck I’ll even take like. OMG they did it again! Love love love this whole box! I just can’t get over it! I’m saving money, time, and the disappointment of spending money on wine that I can’t bear to drink. THANK YOU FIRSTLEAF! Can’t wait to see what the next box brings!” ~ Anastasia Carter

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