Hello Fresh Wine Club Review

HelloFresh Wine Club Review

Highlights The wines can come perfectly paired with meals that you don’t even have to prep! You can order your wines and meals in tandem to wow your family and friends. 

Receive $45 off of your first wine box order!

How Much/How Often 6 bottles monthly. As with many of these monthly clubs, you can cancel, change plans or skip your month at any time.
Price $89.00 per month which breaks down to only $14.83 per bottle
Wine Choice Wines offered include Red, White or Mixed
Shipping Info Free Shipping. An adult 21 or over must be present to sign for your delivery


In 2011, three friends set out to change the way that “normal” people prepared and ate their meals. Starting with their family and friends, they packed and delivered fresh ingredients and recipes to ten families, and the rest, as they say, is history. By now it’s likely that you’ve heard of, or seen an advertisement in the mail for HelloFresh, the easy meal plan service that delivers fresh ingredients, ready to make amazing meals, right to your door. You know, bright green background with a fun white font and a little lime on the side? Anyway, it seems only fitting that they would branch out and add something that people love to pair with food, wine! This new adventure comes in the form of a wine club wherein you join and receive 6 bottles of wine each month. Something that is catching on, wine pairing with the meal deliveries, HelloFresh has been smart to jump on this train. 

The wines from Hello Fresh Wine Club are selected by their team of sommeliers and are previewed on the website each month. Unlike some of the other wine clubs, you can see what it is you’re receiving. Whether you choose all red wines, all white wines or a mixture of the two. They’ve also created an easy way to match their wines to their perfectly prepared meals. Each wine comes with an icon associated with it: Bold, Rich, Bubbly, Light, Earthy, Fruity, or Easy. Every meal you receive also comes with this icon so that any time you want to pair your wine selection with your meal selection it’s a no brainer. Just choose the wine that has the matching icon and you’re all set. 

On the Hello Fresh site, the Wine Club is a minor player as of yet. Most of the links do direct back their meal site. But this doesn’t mean the Wine Club isn’t a big part of what they do. 


How it Works

It’s fairly simple actually. First, you choose your wine options, red, white or mixed. Then, receive your monthly delivery which you can skip or change up whenever you want. You can even change your address for a month if you wish. This makes it easy to take your wine with you on your vacation, or gift a month to a friend or family member. 

Box Options

As with any of the Wine cCubs these days, you are free to choose what you prefer. Strictly Reds or Whites, or you can get a combo box of a mix of the two. With HelloFresh, if you’ve gone the route of ordering meals along with your wines, you may want to consider the mixed box so that you can always have a perfectly paired glass of wine with your meal. 

With each box containing 6 wines, you have plenty for the month and may even have a bottle or two to share during the month. Think about always having a hostess gift on hand. Or maybe you’ve forgotten a co-worker’s birthday.


“Ever since I signed up for this, my husband and I are eating better and enjoying wine like never before. We enjoy cooking together and reading about our monthly wine selections as an adventure now. I have less stress since I’m not planning and shopping and organizing it myself. The quality is great. I highly recommended it.”
Mandy, AZ
“Our total experience with HelloFresh meals and Wine Club has been great! The food is delivered on time each week and the quality is very good. The selection of wines have been amazing to pair many times a week with the meals we choose. The meals are fun to assemble and fun to cook. The instructions are easy to understand and follow and the wine pairings are simple to understand. I highly recommend that you try it, they make it easy to try and you are never under obligation to keep buying meals.”
Dan, OH
“I love HelloFresh. I have recommended it to co-workers and family members. I’ve really enjoyed learning to cook and pair my wines with different meals. The food has always come very fresh and on time and it has been easy to find a wine from my monthly delivery to enjoy with each meal. I will definitely continue to use this service”
Alex, CA

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