Tasting Room Wine Club Review

TastingRoom Wine Club Review

Highlights Rather than a questionnaire or simple, “red or white” selections, the Tasting Room Wine Club has gone to the next level and provides an exclusive tasting kit to allow you to discover the wines you like and to help them select the perfect wines for each of your deliveries.

We also loved that they have some fun themed gift sets, see below for full details.

How Much/How Often Case of 12 full size, 750ml bottles every other month, unless you specify something different
Price $149.00 (just $13 per bottle) That’s up to 37% off the retail price!
Wine Choice Any combination of Red and Whites that you desire
Shipping Info $19.99 shipping for the full 12 bottle case delivery


“A wine experience that is all about you”. The Tasting Room Wine Club initial tagline drew us right in! We love it when it’s “all about me!”. This traditional wine club has really gone above and beyond to make the wine tasting experience personalized for each of its customers. They are providing high quality wines for lower prices by having a direct relationship with the producers. With this they can offer $20 bottles of wine for as little as $13 a bottle. These good relationships bring you great savings. 

Upon entering the site you are asked a few questions that will point the Tasting Room crew in the right direction for your tasting kit selections. As you add your information, you are given a $30 discount, resulting in you only paying $9.95 for your six mini bottles that are included in the tasting kit, they pay the shipping. When your tasting kit arrives, you rate the wines in the selections to help uncover your wine profile. This profile will help Tasting Room fulfill your bi-monthly boxes with wines that you will love every time. This profile is also provided to you in print so that you are able to use it outside of your wine club orders. No more wandering the wine isles hoping you choose the wine of your dreams. With your profile, you’ll be more likely to choose the right bottle every time. 

In addition to all of the already amazing things, visit the blog on the Tasting Room site for an amazing list of articles including on the topics of Wine, Travel or Recipes. You can also read articles on the different producers of the wines you may choose. There’s even a little section of DIY articles if you’re feeling crafty. I mean, come on, who doesn’t need to know how to make their own wine gummies?? I definitely do! 

Box Options

On top of the profile, Tasting Room makes a great effort to customize the subscription to each customer. Here’s how it works: 

  • Set your own schedule, choose your own shipment dates and delivery frequency
  • Specify the number of bottles you’d like to receive
  • Choose Reds, Whites or a combo of the two
  • Review your shipment and exchange anything that doesn’t look perfect, before it is shipped


Gift Options

The gifts offered by Tasting Room are incredibly unique. A long list of high quality wines are offered, but the wine flavors aren’t even the most fun part of this option. They have very unique wine sets that will appeal to just about any wine lover in your life. Sets including, The Walking Dead, Ladies of the Walking Dead, Saturday Night Live, MLB and NFL team labeled wines, Downton Abbey reds or whites, to name a few of the more creative options. You’d be hard pressed not to find an incredibly creative gift for a wine lover in your life. 

If you are interested in gifting a membership to someone, there are also options for that with the 2 bottle club for as little as $23.99 per shipment, the 6 bottle club for as little as $64.99 per shipment and the 12 bottle club starting at $124.99 per shipment. 

If you’re only looking for a bottle or two, check out the extensive list in the Tasting Room Bottle Shop. Wines from international regions in all flavor profiles can be found here. 



“Two years ago I received a year of wine as a gift from my daughter and her husband. I have not gotten a bad bottle of wine yet. In fact, I loved it so much that I kept ordering after my gift subscription ended.”
“This is a great monthly wine club. I really enjoyed my tasting box and was excited to order wines for my profile. I usually drink only reds but was happy to add a few new whites to my profile, I may have never understood how good they could be if not for the tasting box. I recommend this to anyone, you’ll be glad you ordered.”
“I am very happy with the selection of wines and the quality I’ve experienced for the price. This is what I had hoped for when I joined.”
“Last year I gifted some of your themed wine sets to family members. I can’t begin to tell you how much less stressful the holidays have become. They all love it as I was able to buy unique wines that were labeled with fun things they love. Several have said they would love to receive it again!”

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