Wine Awesomeness Club Review

Wine Awesomeness Club Review

Highlights There are so many great things about this club! We love that with every wine selection you receive the story behind the bottles, the words to describe your wine (for those of us who know very little about wine but would love to sound educated) as well as different foods and recipes to pair with your wine.
How Much/How Often You have the option for a 3 bottle membership or a 6 bottle with this monthly membership. You can skip a month or change your preferences at any time
Price The 3 bottle box is $49 and the 6 bottle box is $79. *First month boxes are discounted to $39 for the 3 bottle box and $54 for the 6 bottle box.
Wine Choice Wines offered include Red, White, Rose or Sparkling. Offered in Bottles or Cans.
Shipping Info Free shipping on every order. An adult 21 or older must be present to sign for delivery.


Wine Awesomeness is an awesome wine club adventure! “Curated adventures. Delivered at your convenience.” With a mission to track down great wine crafted by winemakers all around the world, where the criteria is only delicious wine with stories and experiences worth discovering, Wine Awesomeness takes their members on a monthly wine adventure, and you don’t even have to leave home! Each month when you receive your wine, you also receive colorful stories from regions such as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Led by entrepreneur Logan Lee Wine Awesomeness is so much more than just a wine club. Music, food education and adventure can also be found on their site theblacklabel. Do you know how to read a wine label? If not, learn about it on theblacklabel. Do you know a Rkatsiteli is? Really, you don’t? Neither did we! But we learned about it on theblacklabel. Would you like to know the 6 best wines to pair with your Valentine’s Day take out for a fabulous night in? You guessed it! Theblacklabel will lead you in the right direction. Full of Education, Recipes, Lifestyle and Travel articles, theblacklabel might just be one of our new go to blog sites for wine education and information.

Membership Perks

  • Access to the best value on the curated wines

  • Monthly member perks (fun deals on wine, accessories, and more!)

  • Monthly curation of articles on the best wine and food knowledge

  • A new thebacklabel magazine with each box with tasting notes, recipe pairings, and more

  • Free shipping on any and every purchase

  • No extra fees or hidden costs

  • Access to our curated wine list containing wines from all around the world


Box Options

Three box options are offered depending on your preferences.

  • All White 3 different white wines (2 of each bottle with the 6 bottle Membership).

  • All Red 3 different red wines (2 of each bottle with the 6 bottle Membership)

  • Variety 3 different wines (6 different wines, 3 reds and 3 whites with the 6 bottle Membership)


Gift Options

What could be better than a surprise box of wine? Not much that we can think of! Be a good friend and gift some wine from Wine Awesomeness. You can choose to send the 3 bottle or 6 bottle option to the recipient for either 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or an entire year. Starting at just $59, this is a great gift!

E-Gift Cards are also available. They come in several great designs for all sorts of occasions, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas, to name a few.

What the press is saying about Wine Awesomeness

“Deliciously obscure varieties and historic bottlings worth rediscovering”

         – Wine Enthusiast Magazine

“You’ll appreciate the selections made by the populist grape juice fairies at Wine Awesomeness”

        – Thrillist

Instagram Brags on Wine Awesomeness

My backyard patio + a glass a red wine and all is on its way to being Alright Alright Alright @wineawesomeness to the rescue. I tried all red wines & enjoyed them. I love the ease of them being shipped to my door. I love the element of surprise. I love the under $15 price point too

My backyard patio + a glass a red wine and all is on its way to being Alright Alright Alright @wineawesomeness to the rescue. I tried all red wines & enjoyed them. I love the ease of them being shipped to my door. I love the element of surprise. I I received my first box from @wineawesomeness today & I couldn’t be more excited #wine #winewednesday #wineallthetime #winelover #portugal

The perfect rosé for a summer’s day.
When the hubby asks “Should we do wine with dinner?” YES!! #wineallthetime #vinovell #pork
Bless your tastebuds this holiday season and give them the wine they deserve! Today on Rosé & Chambray I’m sharing 4 wines that you should be drinking this holiday season + what foods (insert mashed potatoes emoji) to pair them with (3 reds and 1 white)!
A little tart/acidic on the tongue and back of the throat, but creamy in middle. Paired with citrus onion chicken, Parmesan couscous, and garlic green beans! Found this rosé at @wineawesomeness.

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